Keyneton Primary School

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Welcome to Keyneton Primary School

We value respect, include and grow.

Keyneton Primary School is located on the edge of the internationally famous wine growing region, the beautiful Barossa Valley, just 10km from Angaston.

Keyneton Primary School is one of twelve sites belonging to the Barossa Valley Partnership. This includes preschools, small and large primary schools, an area school and a high school. Staff from across sites work together where possible and share the vision that: Every child and young person in Barossa Valley DfE sites will be engaged in high quality, relevant learning programmes.

The small, rural community of Keyneton maintains a strong sense of pride, care and ownership of its small school. Staff and families enjoy the positive and intimate relationships that the school engenders.

Keyneton Primary School provides a quality, supportive learning environment where student wellbeing is constantly maintained and enhanced. With a focus on developing powerful learners, students are encouraged and supported to take on challenges, to take risks and learn from mistakes, and are involved in setting personal learning goals which are communicated regularly to parents through Student Learning Profiles.


There is a very strongly supported Playgroup for pre-school children operating on Tuesday mornings from 9:00am to 11:00am. Lots of fun activities are planned and, where possible, link to school events. New pre-schoolers and their parents, grandparents or carers very welcome.

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